Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great ocean road: Popular tourist attraction with historical value

Australia has lot’s of tourist attractions. Great ocean road is one of them. But it is not popular only for it’s natural beauty but also it has some historical value.
The great ocean road is almost 243 km long road which is located beside the south western coast of Victoria. It starts from Torquay and finished in Alansford . The road was built by 3000 war returned soldiers, who participated in the first world war. It is for the memorial of the martyers of first world war. The road was completed after 14 years of starting.
There is a widely distributed scenic beauties available beside the great ocean road. When you will visit between Anglesea and Apollo bay you will enjoy the wonderful beauty of mountains meet the sea for many times.
Along the side of Port Campbel the worlds most beautiful coastline will be seen. It is composed of some wonderful natural limestones and sandstone rock formation. This formation created due to erosion of wave and rain.
Near Lorne several forest walks and some little waterfalls also seen. Great Otway National Park is located between Apollo Bay and Gellibrand Lower. It contains some last surviving tropical rainforests. After passing a short distance you can enjoy the scenic beauties of Myrtle beach.
You can not only enjoy the scenic beauties of great ocean road you may also observe southern right whale whales in the time of their annual migration. You can also observe the aboriginal lifestyle during passing through Wathaurong.


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