Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bondi beach: one of the most popular among australian travel destinations

Bondi Beach is an attractive travel destination in australia. Many people explore this beach throughout the year. It is located 7 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district.
"Bondi" is derived from an Aboriginal word which means as like water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks.
Previously this was not a public beach and was named "O'Brien Estate" . this beach was available to the public as a picnic ground and amusement resort. When this beach became popular, O’Brien was threatened to stop public access. On 9 June 1882, the Bondi Beach became a public beach.
After a series of large waves struck the beach On 6 February 1938, 5 people drowned away and over 250 people were rescued. this day became known as "Black Sunday".
After second world war bondi beach became home for Jewish migrants from Poland, Russia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany. And this process of migration was further continued into the 21st century. These peoples mainly come from South Africa, Russia and Israel.
Sydney's Water Board maintained an untreated sewage outlet not far from the north end of the beach which was closed in the mid 1990s when a deep water ocean outfall was completed.
Bondi Beach is only about one kilometer long. Tourists surf this beach within all seasons of the year. Southern part of this beach is hazardous but northern part is safer. Red and yellow flags signal the hazardous and safer areas.
An underwater shark net shared during the summer due to presence of shark near the beach. Whales and dolphins are also sighted during the migration period. Fairy penguins are also rarely found in swimming to the shore.
A fun race “city to surf” is arranged on every august which bondy beach of the endpoint. Over 63000 runners participate on this 14 km race, started from the central business district , Sydney.
The world’s first surf life saving club constituted there “Bondi Bathers Surf Lifesaving Club” in 1907. On black Sunday this club rescued largest number of surfers in a day.
Many other cultural events organized every year in this beach. “Miss bondi” is very popular among travellers who came here to enjoy the beauties of Australia.
If you decide to travel the destinations of Australia, you must visit this beach otherwise you would miss one of the greatest beauty.



  2. Don't confuse Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach. Getting to Bondi Junction is just one step on the way to the beach. It is about a 3km walk from one to the other, so you may want to consider your transport options.
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  3. Australia is one of the countries gifted with terrific beaches. If you decide to travel the destinations of Australia, you must visit this beach otherwise you would miss one of the greatest beauty.

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  5. I love watching surfers in Bondi beach and the place is almost always crowded everyday. Its a great place to read a book or work on a tan and every once in a while, swim or surf in the water. I hope I can visit the beach again as I need some relaxation time.

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