Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Magnetic Island: A magnificent Island of Australia

Magnetic Island, is a beautiful tourist spot of Queensland. It is 8 km away from the city Townsvile. To reach into the island you should pass Townsville Breakwater to Nelly Bay Harbour by ferry. The large national park, bird sanctuary and some beautiful walking tracks please the eyes of a tourist. Over two third area of this island is protected as a national park, which is the haven for native wildlife. Another tourist attraction of this island is the World War II fort.

The name ‘Magnetic Island’ was given by the famous explorer Captain James Cook. When he was passing this island in 1770s the magnetic fields of this island disabled the activity of their vessel compass. During World War II, Magnetic Island became the most defensive position.
Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, abundant wildlife and magnificent weather will surround you every time you stay there.
You can also enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the national park, can explore every corner of the mysterious landscapes. You can explore rugged bush area by foot with great ease.
There is a wide variety of accommodation available there. You can spend luxurious holidays in resorts, hotels and holiday villas. There are also low to medium budget self contained holiday homes, guest houses and apartments available there.
So, whether your budget, you can spend your holidays in a total pleasure in Magnetic Island.


  1. Magnetic Island is no doubt a very tremendous holiday of Australia. Every one has a wish to take flights to Australia and enjoy with their loved ones on a place that is obviously a heaven on earth.

  2. Quite an appeal it sure is to be at such an appealing place after taking flights to Australia. The name suites the place as you tend to magnetize to towards the place once you have been here. Your definitely tempted to visit the Magnetic Island again.