Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coles Bay: Popular destination for swimming, boating and fishing

Tasmania is one of the beautiful regions in Australia. There are so many popular travel destinations there including Coles Bay, Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park and many others.
Today we will discuss about coles bay. It may be termed as ‘holiday village’. Only around 200 peoples permanently live here. But it is a popular destination for tourists from both Australia and abroad. They are amazed with the scenic beauties of this area.
It has mind blowing beauties specially the red and pink granite peaks which are popularly said as The Hazards. It is on the Freycinet Peninsula.
It is located in the northern end of great oyster bay. Coles bay shows a very good weather, over 300 days of sunshine within a year. It is safe in environments, plastic bags were banned from 2003. It promoted safer livelihood for both wildlife and marine lives in this region.
Coles bay is a famous destination of fishing and water sports. You may have to stay in queue to finding a boat in peak times! So contact the boat rental companies before you want to have a wonderful boating.
Accommodation also fabulous there, u can find luxury accommodation including houses, self serving apartments holiday cottages etc. The restaurants will provide you delicious foods great wines.

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