Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fraser Island: the amazing travel destination in australia

Fraser Island is another impressive travel destination in australia. It is located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia and around 300 km north of Brisbane. It is 123 kilometres long and at its widest point it’s width around 22 kilometers.
Fraser Island discovered as a world heritage site in 1992. This island considered as the world’s largest sand island. Fraser Island enriched in full of beauties. It has a long uniterrupted sandy beach flanked by strikingly coloured sand cliffs. It has also 100s of freshwater lakes, some are tea colored others are clear blue all ringed by white sandy beaches. Ancient rainforest grow in sands along with cleefs.
Fraser Island is the only place around the world where tall rainforests are grown over sand dunes. The low "wallum" heaths on the island are of particular evolutionary and ecological significance, and provide magnificent wildflower displays in spring and summer.
The blowing of sands and cliffs of colored sands are part of the longest and most complete age sequence of coastal dune systems in the world and they are still evolving. Climatic and sea levels changing results these beauties. The most high sand dunes in this island reaches upto 240 metres. The Great Sandy Strait, separating Fraser Island from the mainland.
Central Station remains as a popular tourism destination on the island. The station is surrounded by bushwalking tracks to enable full appreciation of the variety plants living on the island.
Fraser is the really amazing destination for tourist. It can be said as the land of white sands.

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