Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gold Coast Hinterland: Attractive travel spot in Australia

Gold Coast Hinterland is Australia’s one of the most beautiful travel destinations. It is also one of the most biologically diverse regions in australia, densely forested McPherson Range is home to a host of beautiful wildlife and tropical plant species. From Tanborine mountain in the north to Lamington and springbock National park in the south, the area poses spactacular views and natuaral wonders. The regions National Parks are considered as the paradise for walkers.

Try one of the gentler walks or scenic drives that meander through the subtropical forest. You might consider a day outing with an Australian bush picnic at a mountain lookout. Alternatively, consider exploring one of the rustic hinterland towns, enjoying fine ale in a country pub or strolling through the eclectic art in a local gallery. You might like to sample wines in one of the local award-winning wineries. The choices seem endless.
In the Gold Coast hinterland there are various scenic attractions and guesthouses that have lead to the development of a vibrant tourism industry, providing a major attraction for visitors to the Gold Coast and people living in the region. Visitor surveys to the hinterland's parks and forests indicate the area is one of Queensland's most significant tourist destinations.Wine-tasting, bird-feeding, eco-tourism and bushwalking are some of the pastimes that attract visitors to the hinterland. Other attractions in the area include O'Reilly's Guesthouse, the Natural Bridge and Binna Burra. In March 2008, the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk connecting the Lamington and Springbrook plateaus was opened. The moderately difficult walking trail provides 54 km of uninterrupted track and takes three days to walk from start to finish
Simply, the hinterland is Australia's largest area of sub-tropical rainforest with species found nowhere else in what is the world's biggest volcanic caldera.

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