Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hunter valley: the ultimate beauty

Hunter Valley is located in the New South Wales region of Australia. The predominant industry in Hunter Valley is wine making, which in turn has lead to a booming tourist industry as local vineyards have opened their doors to the public. Although wine making and its associated industries form a major part of the attraction of Hunter Valley, the area has much more to offer the visitors, we will discuss some of the options available to tourists in this short guide.

One of the most popular areas with nature lovers is Barrington Tops, a large area of almost entirely unspoiled natural countryside that has now been listed as a Word Heritage Site. Barrington Tops presents the hiker with hundreds of kilometers of trails to explore, and enables the visitor to view some of the rarest Australian wildlife in its natural habitat. Mountain biking is also a popular activity in Barrington Tops with many pre-designated bike trails to follow. Luxury accommodation in the area of Barrington Tops is fairly easy to find at a good price, making this one of the best value parts of Australia to visit. Luxury accommodation combined with incredible natural beauty is bound to leave a lasting impact, truly a holiday to remember.

If you are intending to explore Hunter Valley more fully then you may wish to split your Hunter Valley accommodation across several hotels or resorts. This will enable you to fully experience the variety of the area whilst making sure that you have comfortable Hunter Valley accommodation available close by after your day of sightseeing. Wine tasting is arguably the most popular tourist activity in Hunter Valley with many local vineyards, including several major international wine producers, opening their doors to the general public each day for tours and tasting. Following close on the heels of wine tasting for popularity with visitors to Hunter Valley is the local cheese making industry. Many local cheese producers run daily tours of their farm and factory facilities and offer free cheese tasting events regularly. Indeed, this entire area of Australia is famed for its local produce which includes wine and cheese making and specialist vegetable farming along with olives and other luxury items. Many local farms combine luxury accommodation and free access to an actual working farm for people choosing to stay in this form of Hunter Valley accommodation. In many ways spending a vacation in the luxury accommodation offered by one of these farm stays is the best way to enjoy the stunning region of Hunter Valley.

All in all a visit to Hunter Valley, be it in the stunning natural areas such as Barrington Tops, or in one of the more traditional farming regions is going to give a view of rural Australia at it's very best. Whatever your choices in Hunter Valley accommodation, from a simple farm stay to top of the range luxury accommodation you are sure to find something to suit every taste and budget.

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